Gold Pegasus Media, a full service multimedia advertising and design company, provides creative and technical
services for business and enterprise. We specialize in creating premier comprehensive creative services, including
graphic design, printing, web design, web hosting, visual effect, animation, TV Commercial (CF), multimedia, technical
consulting, and provide effective strategic marketing consulting services. In addition, we also provide film/digital
photography, music composition, sound design, and audio/video production. Gold Pegasus Media's design staff and
their work have been broadcasted and displayed in numerous broadcast channels and publications.

Gold Pegasus Media is also the publisher of the Homenet Life (real estate) magazine. Homenet Life offers the greater San
Francisco Bay Area real estate companies, agents, and homebuyers a great resource to display and to exchange real
estate information and experience.

Our award winning team members are respected specialists in diverse fields ranging from graphic/web design
and administration to 3-D animation and TV commercial (CF). Our experience can help your organization benefit
immediately from our service and technology and aid in positioning you for long-term growth. We take your business
seriously and make it our business to help you effectively promoted your products and services to your target market,
whether that audience is regional, national or global. We've got the experience to get you results.